How To Start An Online Smoke Shop

How To Start An Online Smoke Shop

The smoke and vapor market is spreading like wildfire with innovative new products hitting the scene everyday. Anyone with a knack to multiply money and has love for head shop pieces would want to open a smoke shop.

  1. Pick a niche, and choose a name that suits your "vibe."
  2. Pick an e-commerce platform. Preferably one that takes payments, hosts your blog, manages site design, and tracks inventory all in one place. Shopify is a very popular option.
  3. The fun part! Stock your storefront with cool pieces. Smoke Cartel Wholesale will send inventory to your warehouse or dropship directly to your customers.
  4. Consult a legal expert to make sure your storefront follows age and tobacco/cannabis regulations in your region and the regions you'll be shipping to.

 Now let's dig into these steps a little deeper.

Step #1: Finding A Niche

You may have heard the phrase “Jack of All Trades, Master of None.”

When you're starting out, you probably won't yet have the resources to please everybody. So pick a target audience, and construct a brand identity tailored to that demographic. This will also help your shop stand apart from the rest.

As your business grows, services such as Warely can be used to gain customer insights with actionable data -- such as identifying valuable industry influencers in your market.

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Many online shops provide you rolling papers, cleaning solutions, and glass pipes. What about your business's point of view will make it rise to the top? Curate your storefront to that strength.

Step #2: Choose An E-Commerce Platform

When your storefront becomes a success, you'll be happiest if you have as many of your shop's tools managed in one easy e-commerce platform. Shopify has proven tried-and-true for many successful entrepreneurs. Where Shopify itself falls short, it usually has an add-on available to pick up the slack.

Things you may want to be able to do through your e-commerce platform:

  • Manage inventory
  • Buy a domain and design your website
  • Blog posting
  • Invoicing
  • Customer emails
  • Ad campaigns
  • Manage discounts and coupon codes
  • Shipping details

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Step #3: Stock Up!

It's not a storefront without fun stuff to sell! Depending on your niche, stock up on pieces at your desired price point(s). Flashy expensive pieces can be a good hook for new visitors, who will often leave with more reasonably priced accessories. Don't forget to include the supplies your shoppers will need to upgrade and maintain the pipes or vapes they buy from you. 

Bestselling pieces and brands available through Smoke Cartel Wholesale:

Step #4: Keep It Legit

Each state has different regulations on head shop products. It's usually best to play it safe with a 21+ age requirement. Put a pop-up on your site that requires customers to confirm their age before entering your website. Services like Blue Check can be used to verify age at checkout as well.

Touch base with an attorney to make sure you're staying compliant in every way you can. They can also help you with general e-commerce compliance needs such as drafting your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, etc.


Start browsing the product potential at Smoke Cartel Wholesale today. Our wholesale services include price matching, no-questions-asked exchanges, and drop shipment!

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