Bongs or Water Pipes: What Every Smoker Needs to Know

Rig Rags are extremely important so that when one is getting a nail off a rig or bong it does not allow for your hands to get dirty. It is a simple cotton that comes in different types and collections. If the nail is hot still, do not grab it. It would be extremely painful to do so. A poke n smoke can be helpful in that it helps you to be able to use any plastic bottle around to be able to create a water pipe. It is inexpensive and will assist greatly in the ease of smoking anywhere and anytime. Could V is a great pen. The battery lasts a long time and there is a great warranty on the product. It is one of the best out there for oils in today’s market. A Dab Padz could be a great investment. It keeps bongs safe. It is microwave and freezer quality. It will not break and it adds jazz to your dabbing place. These are all great products to consider.

Smoking is fun but sometimes obstacles get in the way of the fun. Whether it be having a dry mouth after, missing one’s grinder, having a pipe break, and lighters that are gone. Although more acceptable in today’s society, there is still a stigma associated with it. There are some great ways to make the entire process more successful, fun, and easy.

Obviously a grinder is essential. Sometimes it gets lost, which is extremely inconvenient. When that happens though, you can consider a penny or a pill bottle to do the job. Any coin will do, just clean it first. The best and most effective way to do that is using rubbing alcohol. Put it in an empty pill bottle and shake it and you will have the job done.

Sometimes the pipe is clogged. Sometimes there is so much ash in the bowl. What can one do? The best option could be to use a simple bobby pin to clean it! Bobby pins are easily accessible. Although the pin may be ruined in the process, they are cheap and come in the dozens so you can always have access to more.

Sunglasses are an obvious no brainer. It is great when you are around town after smoking during the day. The redness of eye and dullness of your eye is more relaxed when it is not bright and it helps so others cannot notice as well.

Having Chap Stick is essential. The chapped lips or dryness is bound to happen, therefore, keep an extra stick in your car, in your pocket, on your bathroom vanity, and at work so that at a moment’s notice, you can have access to what you need to keep your lips smooth. It can even help with bad breath too!

You can make your own bong if you need to. It is a great recycling mechanism too! You can make it out of any plastic bottle. You can use a cable cord or a door stopper. You need a pen scissors, lighter, and masking tape. Disassemble the pen, put the cord or stopper on the pen. You can use masking tape to secure it. Don’t put it too close to the top so it is not burned by the lighter. That will be your stem. You can leave the weed unground. You want the stem of the ben going down at an angle. You stab a hole in the middle of the bottle. You do not want to make the hole too big, use the scissors to turn and widen the hole. Once the pen fits tightly, stop and enter the pen forcefully. You can use water with tea to give it some flavor if you want. Press the weed in and pack it deep, no grinding necessary.

When preparing your bowl, bong, joint, blunt or vape, it can be helpful to suck on a candy of your choice. You can keep it on the side of your mouth while you smoke, but it gets rid of the insatiable hunger a dryness of mouth that can occur. It will taste great and it will assist in many ways.

Knowing that it can cause hunger, having the smoking done right before a meal would be a great way to keep from overindulging during other times of the day. It will also heighten the sensation and palatable tastes of the food. Therefore, you are enjoying your food even more and not over doing it later or after normal meal times.

Although weed is not essential to functioning, it can be nice to have a stash somewhere when you need it most. The best way to store it is in mason jars. It is good to keep it out of reach of pets and others that may stumble upon it.

Lastly, if you drop a bit of honey on the skin of a rolled joint, it will slow it down from burning as quickly. It is a great smell and it tastes great as well. Honey is certainly a plus.

Bongs and water pipes are great to use water or other liquids as a filter. The reality of the different ways to smoke weed and get high is astounding. There are many things to keep in mind to and help give tips to this pastime. Using the above ideas will greatly assist in your practice and enjoyment. Although these ideas may not be fool proof they are helpful. Trying each of them and knowing what works for you and what does not will be essential when deciding whether or not the tips will be ones that you use regularly. I encourage you to try them all at least once though. It my revolutionize your using and encourage new ways and cheaper ways to keep your use updated and up to par. Never settle for less than the best!

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