Heads up Headshops: 420 is Right Around the Corner

Heads up Headshops: 420 is Right Around the Corner


Happy Daylight Savings, glassheads! With an hour stolen from your busy schedule, it can be overwhelming getting back into the normal routine of things at work. Buyers and owners be aware though, the stoner holiday is coming up quick and the last thing anyone wants is for your headshop to be out of those best sellers and grabables.

As of the last 4/20, 55 million adults in the United States described themselves as regular smokers, with more and more people puff-puff-passing the pipe to their friends and buddies. Local headshops around the country are noticing upticks in the foot traffic to their stores, and very high numbers of customers on the biggest smoking holiday of the year.

So what does a typical 420 look like for smokers? What do the people want? This ain’t our first 420 rodeo. Here’s our top product recommendations, curated by the team here at Glassheads.

Sesh Supply Glass Blunts: Ah, the ever trusted glass blunt. This grab-and-go item is perfect for those looking to celebrate on the move. Its adjustable load is perfect for the individual or a smoke sesh among friends. The silicone grip perfectly holds the two glass tubes so you can get a hassle-free rip every time.

HeadyPet Collars/Leashes: You know your customers are repping 420 swag, but what about their furry friends? Give them a way to show off their love for the 420 lifestyle. HeadyPet has a wide range of artist-designed leashes, collars, and harnesses whether you want Fido to rock the Canna Camo, or the artisan goblins made by Shelbo. Made with reflectable neoprene, these accessories transition perfectly from the daytime sesh to a nighttime stroll.

ErrlyBird Dab Setups: Concentrates your jam? ErrlyBird has all the essentials to set up a primo concentrate station at the crib. For sports fans, you can stock your store with local football or basketball  teams’ non stick silicone mats, and get some personality shining through with the designer stylings of ErrlyBird Torch Art. Check out some superb setups here

Vaporizers: For those looking for a lower profile smoke, provide the high-tech options of vaporizers. #THISTHINGRIPS RiG Edition Vaporizer kit delivers the powerful rip of a rig in handheld device. This kit comes with a silicone tray with a stash compartment, and a matching stainless steel tool for easy setup.

Best Selling Hand Pipe/ Water Pipe Bundle: You’ll never go wrong with the classic hand pipe or water pipe. We know that choosing among beautiful glass is never easy. We’ve curated these bundles for you to make sure that you are getting A+ glass selections without having to do any of the work. The pipes in these bundles are all American made, and are historical best sellers any day of the year.

Moral of the story: Don’t be caught unprepared this 420 season. Glassheads has a team of experts ready to take care of your product selection needs. We want you to have a stress free holiday this year, so give us a call to make sure your store is stocked!

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