Heady vs Scientific Glass

When you’re ready to advance your water pipe game from basic to more sophisticated, you may notice two different styles emerging from the countless choices—heady and scientific. While heady pieces look terrific, scientific glass has its place too. What are the differences, and which one is right for you? Let’s take a look.

Heady Glass

The artistic, or “heady” pieces are hard to miss. They often feature colorful designs in all sorts of awe-inspiring shapes, including rocket ships and coconuts! Heady pieces aren’t limited to just full-size water pipes, though. You can often find detailed hand pipes and bubblers that are just as colorful as the bigger pieces. Heady pieces of glass are truly unique, some even being one-of-a-kind. You can even find pipes that don’t even look like pipes at all, but are crafted to look like everyday objects, such as a phone. Because each one is hand-crafted by a specific artist and include intricate details, they can run on the more expensive end of the spectrum. However, heady pieces are sure to wow your friends and enhance your own session satisfaction.

Some designs are harder to clean than others, especially ones with lots of twists and curves. Many heady pieces also include small or thin details that make it prone to experience damage. Because some designs are irreplaceable, you will want to treat these water pipes with the care and attention they deserve.

Scientific Glass

While scientific glass may not wow you with its design, it will wow you with all of its perks—and percs! These pieces are as straight-forward as you can get, and often feature clear, clean glass. Although the clear glass may cause residue to show up more easily, they are often much easier to clean than heady pieces. Some scientific glass pieces will include a minor artistic detail, or come in another basic color rather than clear, if you want a little flair with your science.

The biggest benefit to scientific glass is the smooth hit a perc will produce. Glassblowers are experimenting with different percs all the time, so there are several perc options now on the market. You may have to experiment with the different styles to find one you like best, but most often the percs with more arms or pieces to them will cause more resistant drags and take more energy to pull a hit through.

Because scientific glass is fairly basic, it’s much easier to find attachment pieces that will fit your piece in terms of type, style, and weight. Scientific glass also runs cheaper than heady glass and designs are pretty standard across the board, so replacing a broken piece is much simpler.

Which Style is Best?

Both heady and scientific glass have their own unique benefits, and it will likely depend on user taste to determine which piece is right for them. Do you want to smoke out of a sick looking pipe that looks like ice cream? Go for heady. If you want a smooth and delicious hit only a recycler can provide? Scientific is where you’ll find it. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a piece you’ll enjoy every time.
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