How Glassheads Handles Dropshipping

We are proud to be the first sustainable dropshipping service in our space.  Today, we wanted to cover a little bit about how our state of the art fulfillment facility processes dropshipping orders for our clients.

We service a number of retailers with our glass & smoking accessories fulfillment services.  As a company, Glassheads has over a decade of experience in this industry so we know exactly how to handle, package, and ship fragile products like glass.  With many of the most popular online headshops using our service, how do we handle the volume of orders?

Glassheads employees in-house developers & IT personelle to ensure that our systems stay online & operational, and continues optimizing the speed of our fulfillment.  We rely heavily on state of the art technology to process orders quickly.  Not only that, but dedicated and stable service is incredibly important to our clients - we are happy to boast a 99% uptime in our service.  Orders are fulfilled daily (shipment carrier permitting) during our office hours.

We warehouse products in an itemized grid array and our custom software organizes orders into the most efficient packing order.  The proprietary technology in our fulfillment warehouse is not found anywhere else!

Products are wrapped (often several layers) in protective bubble wrap and labeled accordingly.  After being pulled and packaged, our system determines the cheapest shipping label option using our leveraged combined shipping account discounts (which we pass right along to our clients - there is no markup in shipping costs).  We also allow clients to send custom shipping speed options in their orders (paying additional for one service / speed over our cheapest option).

We're extremely proud of our order fulfillment & warehousing solutions for the glass and vape industry.  If you're interested about hearing more or joining our dropshipping clients, we are currently selectively accepting medium to large sized accounts.

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