How to Clean a Dirty Bong

Many of you store owners might get asked from customers the best method to clean their new glass piece.  There are numerous products on the market today available for the cleaning of your tobacco bong, but we suggest the timeless age-old advice of doing it the old fashion way.

Just like you clean your dishes before the next use, a clean bong is essential for enjoyment of the substance consumed and for protection against nasty bacterial infections. Since bongs use water for cooling the smoke before inhaling, bacteria are prone to growing in and around the bong itself—using the dirty water as a proliferation pool. To avoid illness and to get the best flavor out of each packing, it is recommended that you clean your bong at least once a day or after each use. Follow the steps below to ensure proper bong care for full utilization of your product.

  1. Before adding any cleaning solution to the glass, a proper flush of all the dirty, stagnant water must occur. Warm water works best in preparing the glass for the next step.
  2. An appropriate cleaning solution is necessary to completely sterilize your bong from any lurking bacteria. You can find specific bong cleaning solutions online, or you can use the homemade remedy of isopropyl alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) and salt. The alcohol acts as a sterilizer and the salt helps scrub any resin from the bottom. The coarser the salt, the stronger the scrubbing action. However, take care not to scratch the glass by shaking the solution too vigorously.

Before swirling the solution inside the glass, cover all openings of the bong to prevent the solution from splashing out. You can use plastic wrap with rubber bands or cotton balls to block the openings. Don’t forget to clean around the openings of the bong with a Q-tip or cotton ball, as the vaporized water could have settled around the rims during the smoking session. If there is still resin stuck on the bottom of the glass, you can use a pipe cleaner to scrub the remaining substance.

  1. Rinse again. After all parts have been scrubbed and cleaned, dump out the solution and rinse thoroughly with warm to hot water. Since isopropyl alcohol can be toxic if ingested, it is imperative that you don’t skimp on the amount of rinsing during this step. Repeat any of the above steps if the glass still looks cloudy after a good rinsing. When the bong is clean and clear looking again, leave to dry before next use.
  2. Repeat this cleaning process after each use, or at least once a day, to ensure quality smoking sessions each time. Using filtered water in your bong will also help prevent the mineral build up on the inside of the glass that regular tap water may cause. Not only will regular cleanings of your glass pipe make your sessions taste better, but it will also protect you from bacterial exposure from using dirty bong water.

Proper bong care and maintenance are vital for full enjoyment of your product. Don’t abuse your expensive and artistic glass pipes by leaving them dirty.

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