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As far as percolators go, honeycombs are one of the simplest in design, yet provide excellent filtration with little to no drag. Constructed as one sturdy piece, they are one of the most durable percolators on the market today. Because of this, some users prefer honeycombs over other types of percs. Other users enjoy the easy maintenance of honeycomb percs compared to more complicated perc designs.

Honeycombs get their name because they look like a honeycomb. Imagine a flat disc with evenly spaced holes all around it and you’ve got the basic idea of a honeycomb perc. The size of the holes and how many are present can have a huge affect on filtration and drag quality, so it’s important to pick a device with a high-quality honeycomb perc. The smaller and fewer the holes, the more drag a user will experience. If the holes are small, ensure that there are enough to counterbalance the drag. Too large of holes won’t filter much, if at all. The key to choosing a device with a honeycomb perc is balancing the right sized holes to the right number of holes that will create the perfect filtration and drag combination.

A honeycomb perc is only as good as the device it’s placed in. A cheaply made device may not last as long and break before a user really gets any use out of it. Before you purchase a honeycomb water pipe, make sure you’re investing in a piece that will last. If you’re going to purchase a piece with a honeycomb perc, it may as well be a good one. A good piece doesn’t have to break the bank, however. Buying wholesale is a great way to find a high-quality piece that is also budget friendly, for both you and your customers. Let’s take a look at some of the different designs you will find on the Glassheads site that include honeycomb percs.

Single Honeycomb Perc—These are the most basic designs, yet still provide decent filtration power. Single honeycomb percs are an easy addition to straight tube water pipes, so these are the designs you will see them in most often.

Dual Honeycomb Perc—For extra filtration, you can grab a dual honeycomb perc water pipe. These filter the smoke a second time for an even smoother hit than a single honeycomb perc.

Triple Stacked Honeycomb Perc—Although triple stacked honeycomb perc pieces may increase the drag slightly, the hits are the smoothest in town. Some designs incorporate an extra turbine perc with the triple stacked honeycombs to act as a splashguard and also provide a unique cyclone type layer of filtration.

Honeycomb with other Percs—Since honeycomb percs are so simple, they often work well with other types of percs for double filtration. The honeycomb perc is usually the first point of contact for the filtration. Then the smoke will lead into another perc, such as a showerhead or tree perc.

Honeycomb in Recycler—Honeycomb percs are also a great addition to recyclers. The recyclers help the smoke stay fresh and cool until the user is ready to inhale, and the honeycomb perc filters out contaminants, so the user only breathes in the intended particles.
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