PYPING HOT: Pyptek Hand Pipes

PYPING HOT: Pyptek Hand Pipes

Happy August, Glassheads! While Leos may be unstable, the durable smokeware crafted by our new partner Pyptek certainly isn’t.

pyptek dreamroller

We are so excited to be distributing PYPTEK’S line of high-end glass and metal pipes, manufactured start to finish right here in the USA. Stylish, durable, and clean, these pipes (or in this case, PYPs) are perfect for any and every high-octane adventure.

Born out of the minds of three guys at an aluminum safety equipment plant, PYPTEK prides themselves on resilience - their pipes are meant to fit the active lifestyles of their customers. The aircraft-grade aluminum exterior makes them so resistant to the elements, you could probably even throw one out of an airplane - but you’d certainly miss it!

Their product line of pipes includes the Pocket, the Titan, the Nano, and the Dreamroller, each of varying sizes. But what makes these pipes so unique is not only their attractive style, but also the versatility of their design.

The pipes can be fully and easily disassembled, making cleaning and maintenance simple. PYPTEK also manufactures replacement O-Rings and smoke screens.

PYPTEK offers the pinnacle of contemporary smokable technology and ergonomics. These are not your granddad’s pipes - each one showcases the very latest in functionality and design that the industry has to offer, perfect for those with active lifestyles and a tasteful aesthetic eye.

Place an order ASAP and ask how you can get PYPTEK cardboard display infographics and laser-etched acrylic stands to showcase the product in-store and wet your customer’s appetites. “PYP” down and click over to our store to make sure the latest in cutting-edge technology is available to your customers who have places to be and sights to see.

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