Tips for a Better Bong Session

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a first-time smoker, you have probably experienced a not-so-good session here and there. They are bound to happen, but there are some ways to ensure every session is top-notch. Here are a few of our suggestions for a better bong session.

  1. Use Clean Glass. This should have to go without saying, but we know sometimes we can get lazy. A relaxed attitude can be great for many situations, but please don’t let your glass suffer. Dirty glass not only looks gross, but it can have a majorly negative affect on the quality of your session. It’s basically like eating off of a dirty plate. The left-over residue can change the flavor of your fresh hits, and it can even prevent your product from properly lighting. Cleaning isn’t always fun, especially if your glass has a lot of crevasses and tight corners, but it’s worth it every time. Remember to use proper cleaning methods for cleaning your piece. Glass bongs will need a different cleaning solution than acrylic bongs, for instance.
  1. Find the Balance. Just like Goldilocks, you need to find the not-too-hot, not-too-cold, smooth-harsh, flavorful balance for you. It will take some experimentation, but your sessions will dramatically improve once you find that sweet spot. Also, try experimenting with different amounts of product. You may find you need a bit more or less than what you are used to for achieving the same results, or you may discover you prefer a lighter buzz to all-out gone. Everybody has different thresholds, and only you will know what is perfect for you.

  1. Invest in Attachments. If you have a basic water pipe and your hits are a little too hot or harsh, you may need to invest in a piece with filtration or an attachment to smooth out your sessions. There are tons of percolation options available today, and even some ash catchers will include various percs. Ash catchers also help keep the main piece cleaner, so it’s a win-win. Percolators divide the smoke so more surface area comes in contact with the water. This lowers the temperature and filters out unwanted chemicals a bit more efficiently than just a standard bong does. If you want to experiment with different products, you can find dabbing nails and other attachments you can swap your bowl for. Look for a compatible size, gender, and orientation to your pipe so that everything properly fits together. Many bongs allow for various attachment combinations on the joint, but be careful what you add. Some attachments may be too large or heavy for your water pipe to support.

By applying the best practices above, you will experience high-quality and nearly perfect sessions every time. Some steps may take time to master, such as finding a balance, but all are simple enough to utilize and grow from. You don’t have to accept sub-par sessions as the norm. Amazing sessions are possible, and practice makes perfect always.

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