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Glassheads is proud to announce the premiere wholesale launch of Honey Supply Glass, an innovative brand powered by the masterminds at Nexus. Honey Supply is based out of beautiful, sunny California. Their laid back style is the perfect complement to their modern, intricately blown glass. As the newest member of the Nexus Glass family, they rise in the ranks to join the industry juggernaut. These rigs and water pipes are crafted to maximize functionality without ever sacrificing durability or affordability. Their numerous years of experience has put them on the cutting edge of glass design - you’ll see the freshest percs and the dankest designs from this company for sure.

The hallmark of their brand is a dogged devotion to their users. From the beginner’s first daily driver to the veteran’s trusted oil rig, Honey Supply creates glass that smashes expectations and brings a sweet breath of air to the collections of stores and smokers all over the country.

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Honey Supply Swiss water pipe bong

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