Fumed Dichro and Solid Color Cane Bowl

by Glassheads

✓ In Stock
SKU Variant Stock
MS37-M-10 Male / 10mm ✓ In Stock
MS37-M-14 Male / 14mm ✓ In Stock
MS37-M-18 Male / 18mm ✓ In Stock
MS37-F-10 Female / 10mm ✓ In Stock
MS37-F-14 Female / 14mm ✓ In Stock
MS37-F-18 Female / 18mm ✓ In Stock

Simple add-on piece for any pipe

  • Made from borosilicate glass
  • Dichroic glass is made with metallic flakes
  • Solid color cane pops of the dark background
  • Colors will vary

Made in the USA

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