Pot Sauce – Extra Sensory Experience

by Applied Sciences

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POTSAUCE-ORG Original × Temporarily Out of Stock
POTSAUCE-CB Chili Beer × Temporarily Out of Stock
POTSAUCE-VRD Verde ✓ In Stock
POTSAUCE-AGV Agave × Temporarily Out of Stock

Add a Kick to Your Midnight Munchie

Pot Sauce is the official hot sauce of the late night snack. These non-medicated sauces provide the perfect kick to your late night pantry raid. THESE ARE JUST CONDIMENTS; THEY ARE COMPLETELY NON-MEDICATED. 5 ounces of fresh ingredients and with no preservatives. Add it to your ramen, your pizza, popcorn, nachos, and much much more. Pretty much anything thats got your mind racing and stomach rumblin'. Available in multiple flavors. 

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