VioSparc - The Flameless Lighter Designed for Pipes

by Cinderwitch

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The cleanest inhale on the planet. 

Introducing the one-of-a-kind VioSparc from Cinderwitch Torches! The signature purple double-electric arc instantly and safely ignites your favorite smokeable without fire or fuel. Unlike other arc lighters, the unique ergonomic design makes kindling a pipe or bowl effortless.

Say goodbye to the harsh taste and toxins of butane lighters and "Oh, HELLO there!" to the clean, renewable power of the VioSparc! Patent-pending. 


  • Flameless
  • Rechargeable
  • Windproof 
  • 5 inches long with unique ergonomic design.
  • Silicone electrode cap for storage and travel

Instructions for use:

  • When the lighter is plugged in and charging, the red indicator light will illuminate. When the light turns green, charging is complete.
  • Press power button three times in quick succession to turn power "on" or "off."
  • Press and hold power button to fire the VioSparc. After 7-8 seconds, the electric arc will automatically shut off.
  • After 7 minutes without use, the VioSparc will automatically shut off for safety.

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