ErrlyBird Basketball Silicone Mat

by ErrlyBird

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EBMAT-BB-1 Dabsketball × Temporarily Out of Stock
EBMAT-BB-4 San Antonio Terps × Temporarily Out of Stock
EBMAT-BB-2 Miami Heady × Temporarily Out of Stock
EBMAT-BB-3 Cleveland Dabaliers × Temporarily Out of Stock
EBMAT-BB-6 Golden Slab Dabbers × Temporarily Out of Stock
EBMAT-BB-5 Los Angeles Trimmers × Temporarily Out of Stock

Root for your favorite dab teams on medical-grade silicone!

Now it's even easier to play dabsketball from home! Line up your rig at one end and see how far away you can make a dabsketball shot from. Are you ready for the pros?!

ErrlyBird's new silicone mat technology allows for printing on the inside of two layers of silicone. This will prevent the artwork from ever wearing, while providing you with two completely non-stick surfaces! Limited edition, platinum-cured medical grade silicone mat featuring heady basketball designs

  • Wash before first use with antibacterial soap and water.
  • Remove oil stains by dabbing a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel, and gently rubbing the stain off until it is completely removed. 

Disclaimer: nor the owners of this store have any affiliation with the National Basketball Association whatsoever. If you are looking for, or wish to visit the National Basketball Association site try this link:

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