Marley Natural Black Walnut Taster

by Marley Natural

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MARLEY-TASTER Taster ✓ In Stock


The Taster is a quality-crafted piece that is ideal for daily smoking and compact enough to accompany you anywhere. Made from handblown borosilicate glass, the Taster is offset by a black walnut wood base and finished with natural carnauba wax. Elegant, efficient, and highly portable, the Taster is an essential companion piece for your versatile lifestyle.

Dedicated to creating unique, quality products, MARLEY NATURAL™ offers an elevated line of products made from sustainably grown black walnut and handblown glass, ensuring durability, convenient maintenance, and premium design. Balancing intuitive form with subtle Jamaican-inspired accents, this timeless collection was designed to upgrade your smoking ritual.

*Holder (pictured) is not included. Listing is for Taster only.



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