ErrlyBird Torch Art Torches

by ErrlyBird

✓ In Stock

Retail MSRP:

SKU Variant Stock
EBTA-11 Smoke Cartel Fruit × Temporarily Out of Stock
EBTA-14 Wig Wag × Temporarily Out of Stock
EBTA-SOB Sloth on a Bong ✓ In Stock
EBTA-SS Sesh Supply Stork ✓ In Stock
EBTA-DNC1 Ephemeral ✓ In Stock
EBTA-CG China Glass ✓ In Stock
EBTA-PPP Puff Puff Pass ✓ In Stock
EBTA-DOG Canine Chic ✓ In Stock
EBTA-FISH Tropical Fish ✓ In Stock
EBTA-FF Forest Friends ✓ In Stock
EBTA-FS Forest Scenery ✓ In Stock
EBTA-BC Buttercups ✓ In Stock
EBTA-TF Tropical Flower ✓ In Stock
EBTA-SG Sacred Geometry ✓ In Stock
EBTA-SP Space Porn ✓ In Stock
EBTA-CL Cannabis Leaves ✓ In Stock
EBTA-GW The Great Wave ✓ In Stock
EBTA-RM1 Rick and Morty Dimension 35-C ✓ In Stock
EBTA-RM2 Rick and Morty Through the Portal × Temporarily Out of Stock

Torches supporting artists!

Torch Art is a line of butane torches brought to you by ErrlyBird, featuring limited-edition high-quality prints of original artwork created specifically for the torches. When you purchase Torch Art, you're not only supporting an artist, but you're also buying a torch for life!

  • No proof limited Warranty available to customers
  • "Quik-Fire" ignition system – easy one hand use
  • Lock the flame
  • Adjustable flame size
  • Refill with butane at the bottom - filtered butane only
  • Removable base
  • Reaches temperatures up to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Because many of our ErrlyBird torches are limited run, please be aware of new styles and skins added every day!


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