Hand Pipes

Every store needs a good selection of glass hand pipes.  Our spoons, bubblers, chillums, one-hitters, dugouts, gandalf and sherlocks, and much much more have been the staple of most headshop because of their popularity.  And for good reason, because our hand pipes feature some of the most flagship styles around, and we're constantly adding more innovative designs.
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Nectar Collector Kit with 10mm Titanium and Quartz Tips


Travel size collector and accessories Coming with a 10mm titanium and quartz tip, this concentrate Collector Kit is made to be dragged over concen...

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Grav Labs 18" Steamroller

Grav Labs 18" Steamroller

Grav Labs

A gargantuan steamroller from the engineers at Grav Labs. 50mm diameter tubing with 5mm thick glass 18.8mm female joint Clear marble feet Grav Lab...

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