GRAV® Mini Steamroller


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RL19.1 Blue × Temporarily Out of Stock
RL19.2 Green ✓ In Stock
RL19.3 Black ✓ In Stock
RL19.4 Amber ✓ In Stock
RL19.5 Lavender ✓ In Stock
RL19.6 Pink ✓ In Stock
RL19.7 Lake Green ✓ In Stock
RL19.8 Fumed ✓ In Stock
RL19.11 Smoke ✓ In Stock
RL19.12 White ✓ In Stock
RL19.15 Mint ✓ In Stock
The GRAV® Mini Steamroller is perfect if you're on the go but still want a piece that packs a punch. Its discreet shape and small size will fit in a pocket or a pencil case, but it still delivers big steamroller hits. The inverted ash catching mouthpiece and stabilizing glass feet make this piece enjoyable and easy to use any time.

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