GRAV® Rocker Steamroller


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RL.RK.1 Blue ✓ In Stock
RL.RK.2 Green ✓ In Stock
RL.RK.3 Black ✓ In Stock
RL.RK.5 Lavender ✓ In Stock
RL.RK.6 Pink ✓ In Stock
RL.RK.7 Lake Green ✓ In Stock
RL.RK.11 Smoke ✓ In Stock
RL.RK.12 White ✓ In Stock
RL.RK.14 Opaque Yellow ✓ In Stock
RL.RK.15 Mint ✓ In Stock
RL.RK.8 Fumed ✓ In Stock
RL.RK.17 Jade Green × Temporarily Out of Stock
RL.RK.4 Amber ✓ In Stock
Everyone loves a little rock and roll. The GRAV® Rocker Steamroller functions like a classic steamroller, with a carb on the end and a direct path for the smoke that ends in big hits. However the lively shape will keep people guessing. Nudge one end and watch the Rocker live up to its name while your flower stays in place. As fun as this piece is to play with, it's even more fun to smoke.

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