Sesh Supply

Premium Gear for your Smoke Sesh.  Simple motto to live by, but Sesh Supply has excelled time and time again at creating the most innovative designs in the glass industry at competitive prices.  Produced by our own exclusive factory overseas, Sesh Supply features some of the world's most unique percs: The Propeller Perc, the Spore Perc, the Cube Perc, and many more.

Quality at the right price is why this up and coming brand is making big headlines and winning customers across the world.

Glassheads Wholesale is the proud exclusive distributor for Sesh Supply products.
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Sesh Supply Hades - Ice Pinch Straight Tube with Cube Perc

Sesh Supply

Hades - the Titan to rule the Underworld Studded ice pinches down 16" tall straight tube Fixed downstem to diffused cube perc 90 degree polished 1...

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