The "Toke Tube" Straight Tube Tall Bong with Splash Guard

by Smoke Cartel

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A solid straight tube for beginners and experts alike.  This tall straight tube bong stands at 16 inches tall and packs a volume for dry herb smokers.

This next generation traditional straight tube bong features a Flower of Life perc from the downstem, and an additional Seed of Life Splash Guard at the second chamber towards the top.  This means you can pack the bong with some ice, for even cooler hits.

Accented with your choice of color around the mouthpiece and the base, for a splash of style.

  • Stands 16 in Tall
  • Great Airflow
  • Splash Guard for Ice and Back Splash Prevention
  • 4 in Wide Diameter
  • Comes with Dry Herb Bowl

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