Smoke Cartel "Bubble Bulb" Cobalt Drop Fumed Flower Bowl

by Smoke Cartel

✓ In Stock
SKU Variant Stock
MS39-M14 Male / 14.5mm × Temporarily Out of Stock
MS39-M18 Male / 18.8mm × Temporarily Out of Stock
MS39-M10 Male / 10mm × Temporarily Out of Stock
MS39-F14 Female / 14.5mm × Temporarily Out of Stock
MS39-F18 Female / 18.8mm ✓ In Stock
MS39-F10 Female / 10mm × Temporarily Out of Stock

Extended flower bowl to put a personal touch to your pipes

Tall flower bowls are a good way to customize you favorite piece. The "Bubble Bulb" is capable of doing this with a deep bowl for long sessions. Each bowl is hand made and has unique coloring from the fuming process. The cobalt drops will bring smile to the face of all your smoking buddies. No slipping thanks to the ground joint fittings. Available in multiple fittings and multiple sizes. 

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