Smoke Cartel Silicone Concentrate Station

by Smoke Cartel

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The ultimate concentrate station: 100% silicone!

Smoke Cartel presents the Silicone Concentrate Station, a complete kit and silicone container meant to keep your concentrates safe and your provide a home for your hot nails and sticky tools! Included with the station are two Smoke Cartel branded oil slicks that fit perfectly into the D and B sections of the station. The station also has a cut out section at the top of the B and the D for you to lay a dabber tool if it is hot, or covered in residue, and a similar space on top of the A to set a hot nail down. This all in one station is sure to keep you clean, safe, and organized while using concentrates!

Want to learn more about silicone and how it protects your concentrates? Check out this article on our knowledge base.

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