"Sweet Tooth" Wig Wag Glass Dab Rig with Downstem & Quartz Banger

by Smoke Cartel

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High Class Dabbin'

If you're always set to classy, but still like to have some sweet sweet fun. Set the mood with the "Sweet Tooth" Wig Wag style concentrate rig. Small piece made from clear borosilicate glass. Load up with a 14mm male banger and take a pull from the flared mouthpiece. This pipe that will take your sesh from chill to dolla bills with plenty of candy to spill. 

Good to Know

  • 90° Ground Joint
  • 8" Inches Tall
  • 14.5mm Colored Female Joint
  • Accepts 14mm Male Accessories
  • 1.5" Pedestal Base

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