The "Whirlwind" Klein Recycler With Reverse Domed Perc

by Smoke Cartel

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A petite dab rig recycler with premium features.

The "Whirlwind" Recycler With Reverse Domed Perc is a unique piece that features some of the best industry innovations in recent years - a dual chamber recylcer system that begins with an inverted showerhead perc and moves through two-arms into a funnel.

The perc mixes water with smoke for a cool intake, allowing you to enjoy your session to the max. The "Whirlwind" is not a large piece, it's practical. Great for an end-table or desktop. Grab one today to experience the whirlwind that this glass has to offer!

Good to Know

  • Height: 8" Inches Tall
  • Beautiful Marble Accent on Side
  • Base: 3.25" Inches Diameter
  • Accepts Male 14.5mm Accessories

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