EYCE 2.0 Reusable Ice Water Pipe Mold


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EYCE-2.0-CHEECH-RED Cheech and Chong Red/Yellow ✓ In Stock
EYCE-2.0-CHONG-BLUE Cheech and Chong Red/Blue ✓ In Stock

Comes in various colors.

  • Platinum-Cured Silicone Mold
  • Offers Frozen Rips
  • Convertible To Rig Use
  • Reusable Mold

The Eyce 2.0 delivers an unparalleled smoking experience, offering frozen rips in just a few steps. The Eyce 2.0 kit includes everything you need to make a single frozen water pipe, delivering smoke as cool as 26 °F.

The Eyce silicone mold creates an all ice chamber compatible with any standard 9 mm slide (and is convertible to rig use). Depending on your freezer, it takes about 9-12 hours to freeze completely. Immediately popping Eyce back in the freezer between bowls makes Eyce last upwards of days, if not weeks, depending on use.

A: EYCE-2.0-PIPEKIT-BLU: Extra Pipe Kit
B: EYCE-2.0-PIPEKIT-RED: Extra Pipe Kit
C: EYCE-2.0-PIPEKIT-GRN: Extra Pipe Kit
D: EYCE-2.0-NINJASUIT: Neoprene Protective Sleeve

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