Glassheads 3.75" Black Spoon with Various Colored Critters

by Glassheads

✓ In Stock

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HMX46-O-PC Pink Cadillac / Octopus × Temporarily Out of Stock
HMX46-O-WS Wisteria / Octopus ✓ In Stock
HMX46-F-PC Pink Cadillac / Frog × Temporarily Out of Stock
HMX46-F-WS Wisteria / Frog × Temporarily Out of Stock
HMX46-O-GS Green Slyme / Octopus ✓ In Stock

A slim spoon with an adorable glass frogs or octopuses attached to the head.

  • Black borosilicate tubing
  • Pink Cadillac, Wisteria, or Green Slyme critters
  • Handmade frog and octopus characters

Proudly handmade in Savannah, GA

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