AirVape OM Portable Stealth Keyring Vaporizer

by AirVape

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Boasting dual-functionality, the AirVape OM enables seamless shifting between solid and liquid concentrates. Compatible with most 510 threaded cartridges, the OM comes with medium and large cover caps.

The OM features a dual quartz rod atomizer with a glass mouthpiece for cooler hits. Constructed from 100% pure quartz crystal, these premium heating rods release pure, flavor-rich vapor; the dual-rod design generates thick clouds with a smooth profile. Magnetic connections make for an easy snap-on attachment.

Crafted for dynamic vapor production, the OM features a 350mAh rechargeable battery with three variable voltages (2.4V, 3.2V, 4.0V). Once you’ve picked your temperature, the OM heats in just five seconds.

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