Super Universal Domeless 10mm or 14.5mm or 18.8mm Titanium Nail for Male or Female Joints

by Smoke Cartel

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One size fits all. Really.  

This indestructible Grade 2 titanium domeless nail is universally-sized to fit with 10mm, 14.5mm and 18.8mm joints, plus it works for both female and male joints.

Titanium nails are a heating element for use with concentrates and oils, widely used because they're the most durable dab nail on the marketUnlike glass and ceramic nails, titanium nails won’t crack on impact or shatter when heated incorrectly.

Titanium will heat up faster than quartz and ceramic nails, but will also cool down more quickly as it has a much lower heat retention. Timing your dabs with a titanium nail will be more important as a result.

If you’re looking for a fully adjustable titanium nails for use with a dome, there's a super selection below. Are you a fan of domeless nails? We’ve got a wide variety, from fully universal nails that fit any joint to specimens with sturdy side arms.

If you’re considering scooping a new domeless titanium nail, don’t forget to invest in a new carb cap! Carp caps are essential tools for dabbers who want to enjoy the full flavor and effects of their concentrates.

Dab on! 

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