Dropdown Quartz Reclaimer

by Glassheads

✓ In Stock
SKU Variant Stock
DLQ-040-10 Male / 10mm ✓ In Stock
DLQ-040-14 Male / 14.5mm × Temporarily Out of Stock
DLQ-040-19 Male / 18.8mm ✓ In Stock
DLQ-039-10 Female / 10mm ✓ In Stock
DLQ-039-14 Female / 14.5mm × Temporarily Out of Stock
DLQ-039-19 Female / 18.8mm ✓ In Stock

Reclaim your dabs! 

  • Conserves concentrates 
  • Aids in keeping glass clean
  • Polished joints for easy cleaning

    Made in China 

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