Fruity Detox Mini Water Pipe by Empire Glassworks - 8"

by Empire Glassworks

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EMPIRE-1708 Kiwi & Strawberry × Temporarily Out of Stock
EMPIRE-1727 Watermelon & Orange × Temporarily Out of Stock
EMPIRE-1726 Blueberry & Orange × Temporarily Out of Stock

Funny Bongs

The Fruity Detox Mini Water Pipe by Empire Glassworks stands 8 inches tall and features a clear chamber with a mix of worked glass kiwis, limes, and strawberries; a fixed meniscus 90 degree stemless down tube w/ 14mm Female ground joint; diffused down stem; glass handle and a two-tone straw mouthpiece. A matching glass round herb slide with raised glass bead included.

NOTE: each piece from Empire Glassworks is unique in color and appearance and may vary from those pictured here.

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