GRAV® Mini Spoon


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SPM.1 Blue ✓ In Stock
SPM.2 Green ✓ In Stock
SPM.3 Black ✓ In Stock
SPM.5 Lavender ✓ In Stock
SPM.6 Pink × Temporarily Out of Stock
SPM.7 Lake Green ✓ In Stock
SPM.8 Fumed ✓ In Stock
SPM.12 White ✓ In Stock
SPM.0 Clear ✓ In Stock
SPM.11 Smoke ✓ In Stock
SPM.14 Opaque Yellow ✓ In Stock
SPM.15 Mint ✓ In Stock
SPM.17 Jade Green ✓ In Stock
Nothing says on the go like a pipe you can wear around your neck. The GRAV® Mini Spoon has a donut mouthpiece that can be threaded with a string or chain. This donut also catches ash and cools smoke. It doesn't get more portable or discreet than the Mini Spoon, but this piece still holds more flower than most one hitters and chillums. No matter where you take the Mini Spoon, it will get you where you need to go.

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