"Perro" Balloon Dog Unique Themed Bong

by Smoke Cartel

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GB258-BL Blue × Temporarily Out of Stock
GB258-GR Green × Temporarily Out of Stock
GB258-AMB Amber × Temporarily Out of Stock

Sit, Roll, Light up – Good Boy!!!

This unique water pipe is gonna turn heads.  The "Perro" Balloon Water Pipe is a unique bong that combines the glossy look of glass with the appeal of balloon animals to create a memorable and unique bong.  Guaranteed to be your new best friend in your sesh.

Make no mistake, at this price this water pipe is well worth it. This unique balloon style bong uses this a 14.5mm female joint and includes a male flower bowl.

The "Perro" is a pipe with personality and reliable function.

Available in multiple colors, grab one for your collection today.

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