Plastic Keck Clip for Glass on Glass Joints

by Smoke Cartel

✓ In Stock
SKU Variant Stock
CLIP2-BL Blue / 18.8mm ✓ In Stock
CLIP1-BLK Black / 14.5mm ✓ In Stock
CLIP2-BLK Black / 18.8mm ✓ In Stock
CLIP1-BL Blue / 14.5mm ✓ In Stock
CLIP2-YW Yellow / 18.8mm ✓ In Stock
CLIP2-WHT White / 18.8mm ✓ In Stock
CLIP1-WHT White / 14.5mm ✓ In Stock
CLIP1-RD Red / 14.5mm ✓ In Stock
CLIP1-GR Green / 14.5mm ✓ In Stock
CLIP2-RD Red / 18.8mm ✓ In Stock
CLIP1-CL Clear / 14.5mm × Temporarily Out of Stock
CLIP2-GR Green / 18.8mm × Temporarily Out of Stock
CLIP2-CL Clear / 18.8mm × Temporarily Out of Stock
CLIP1-YW Yellow / 14.5mm ✓ In Stock

Keep it together. 

It's a clip. It holds together two glass joints so they don't separate by accident. Prevents accidental detachment and adds appeal to your glass. What more is there to say? It's a clip.

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