Sesh Supply "Ares" Triple Chambered Beaker Base Bong

by Sesh Supply

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Get to know the gentle giant.

The "Ares" Triple Chambered Beaker Base is a big glass bong that delivers smooth, gentle inhales. Named for the ancient Greek god of war, the only battle the Ares fights is against harsh hits! 

Hand blown by our own Sesh Supply brand, this colossal water pipe features three—yas, THREE—inner chambers, each one filtering the smoke even more that the last. 

Fortunately for you, this "Ares" Triple Chambered Beaker Base features fantastic percolation due to the beaker's unique internal pyramid perc system. This gentle giant will soon become the most-used piece in the house!

Good to know:

  • 23" tall
  • 18.8mm female joint, takes male bowl
  • Unique pyramid perc
  • Wide beaker base

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