Sesh Supply "Castor" Hammer Style Bubbler with Cube Perc

by Sesh Supply

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SS-CASTOR-MGO Mango × Temporarily Out of Stock
SS-CASTOR-CH Charcoal × Temporarily Out of Stock
SS-CASTOR-AG Alien Green × Temporarily Out of Stock
SS-CASTOR-PW Periwinkle × Temporarily Out of Stock

A portable bubbler for adventurous folk.

Castor was the mortal twin of the Gemini pair, known for his horsemanship and skills in battle. Like its namesake, Sesh Supply's "Castor" represents the strength of will in adventurous spirits, as shown by its ease of portability and percolation capabilities.

The Castor uses a cube perc on its downstem to filter smoke down into the main chamber before reaching your mouth. Its size makes it easy to tuck away in a bag or glove compartment, giving it a discreet edge. Check out the Castor if you're looking for an awesome pipe to pack with your other outdoors gear, and trek out to the wild to find your way.

This bubbler is the little brother to the Sesh Supply "Pollux" Spinning Propeller Bubbler. They'd look spectacular as a pair!

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