Sesh Supply "Prometheus" Hemisphere Recycler with Propeller Perc

by Sesh Supply

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SS-PROMETHEUS-AG Alien Green × Temporarily Out of Stock
SS-PROMETHEUS-CH Charcoal × Temporarily Out of Stock
SS-PROMETHEUS-RD Red Elvis × Temporarily Out of Stock
SS-PROMETHEUS-LP Lolly Pop × Temporarily Out of Stock
SS-PROMETHEUS-MGO Mango × Temporarily Out of Stock
SS-PROMETHEUS-PW Periwinkle × Temporarily Out of Stock

Recycler water pipes are marvelous at filtering your smoke. The "Prometheus" Hemisphere Recycler with Propeller Perc from Sesh Supply is a great example. At first it looks simple and might soon be the most treasured piece of glass in your home. The ease of use comes from a bent neck style, 14.5mm female joint to the spinning propeller percolator, the "Prometheus" is highly functional. Standing at 11 inches it will fit effortlessly into any collection. 



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