Smell Proof Bags (Pack of 10 Baggies)

by Smoke Cartel

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Keep your smells yours!

When it comes to Smoke Cartel and all related products, the question "What's that smell?" can either be very good, or very bad, depending on the company you keep.

It's hard enough trying to keep your place smelling of fresh linen and lilac without your smokeables making their presence known. These smell-proof bags will keep all of your treats fresh, secure, and discreet.

  • Small: 4.5in x 6in 
  • Medium: 7in x 7.5in
  • Large: 8.5in x 10in
  • Food Safe, Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Two Broad Locking Zippers
  • Liquid, Moisture, and Puncture Resistant
  • Available in Three Sizes
 Smoke Cartel Smell Proof Bags Leading Competitor

120 Microns Thick

100 Microns Thick
Double Zipper Seal Single Zipper Seal


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