Worked Animal Steel Poker

by Glassheads

✓ In Stock
SKU Variant Stock
GHPKR-YWBRD Yellow Bird ✓ In Stock
GHPKR-OWL Owl ✓ In Stock
GHPKR-PIG Pig ✓ In Stock
GHPKR-PNG-AM Amber Penguin ✓ In Stock
GHPKR-PNG-BLK Black Penguin ✓ In Stock
GHPKR-PNG-OR Orange Penguin ✓ In Stock
GHPKR-DLPH-BL Blue Dolphin ✓ In Stock
GHPKR-DLPH-BLK Black Dolphin × Temporarily Out of Stock
GHPKR-FSH-FLT Flat Fish × Temporarily Out of Stock
GHPKR-FSH-RND Round Fish × Temporarily Out of Stock
GHPKR-FSH-RDWH Red-White Fish ✓ In Stock

Versatile tool topped with worked figurines

  • 6" steel poker
  • Worked colored borosilicate glass 

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