Storz and Bickel Mighty Handheld Vaporizer

by Storz and Bickel

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Mighty firepower right at your fingertips. 

Though it may be handheld, this amazing vaporizer from the geniuses at Storz and Bickel really packs a punch! The Mighty Vaporizer uses convection heating to provide constant vaporization. The LED temperature screen on the face of the Mighty allows you to immediately select the best temperature for you, and the Mighty will let you know it is ready to be used through two quick vibrations.

The Mighty is a dual lithium-ion battery-powered portable vaporizer that utilizes both convection and conduction heating. It has a high-efficiency heat exchanger, along with a LED temperature display, and precise temperature control.

Just twist the straw and vape away! You can also control the temperature and other aspects of the Mighty via the Storz and Bickel remote control app, which can be downloaded on most newer iPhones and Android devices. The Mighty is the perfect vaporizer for you if you're looking for efficiency and customization. Its discrete appearance will have you bringing it with you wherever you go.

For more information on this vaporizer and all other Storz and Bickel products we carry, check out our Storz and Bickel guide!

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