Terp Slerper Style Vacuum Banger

by Glassheads

✓ In Stock
SKU Variant Stock
DLQ-100-10 10mm / Male × Temporarily Out of Stock
DLQ-099-10 10mm / Female ✓ In Stock
DLQ-100-14 14.5mm / Male × Temporarily Out of Stock
DLQ-099-14 14.5mm / Female ✓ In Stock
DLQ-100-18 18.8mm / Male × Temporarily Out of Stock
DLQ-099-18 18.8mm / Female ✓ In Stock

Different banger style

  • Quartz Oil Accessory
  • Heat and load oils onto lower dish
  • More travel time = cooler vapor
  • 25mm diameter top dish
  • 28mm diameter bottom dish
  • Available in multiple sizes for different joints

Made in China

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