The "Colorship" Mothership Inspired Faberge Egg Rig

by Glassheads

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GHWP-COLORSHIP-GR Green × Temporarily Out of Stock
GHWP-COLORSHIP-CL Clear × Temporarily Out of Stock
GHWP-COLORSHIP-BL Blue × Temporarily Out of Stock
GHWP-COLORSHIP-PK Pink × Temporarily Out of Stock

An instant eye catcher, the "Colorship" provides the same great function with the signature Faberge Egg body design as the infamous Motherships, without breaking the bank! It has a inception-style showerhead perc in addition, to maximize filtration and give you the smoothest hit possible. Now with color accents in the middle of the body, the base, and lip, it's ready for its place in the spotlight on your table!

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