"The Pagoda" Showerhead Perc Bong with Splashguard Bent Neck

by Smoke Cartel

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Raise your dry herb game to the next level.

This straight tube takes a classic and effective design and pushes the limit with its interesting take on the traditional showerhead perc - which we have dubbed the 'pagoda perc'. 

  • Air flows through the bottom seed of life perc (similar to an inverted showerhead)
  • Smoke is further diffused in the second chamber, the domed showerhead perc
  • Smoke travels up the bent neck, preventing any accidental splashback

A tastefully accented flower bowl rests in its 18.8mm female joint, with a large bowl for all the packed flower you could imagine.  At its neck sits a uniquely designed splash guard with a handy ice pinch, letting you rip it while staying safe from any splashback.

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