The "Tempest" Inverted Showerhead Internal Recycler Bent Neck Rig

by Smoke Cartel

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A powerful internal recycler in a comfortable mid-size pipe

Watch out for the "Tempest", it may blow you away with the raw power of its internal recycling chamber! Beginning with an inverted showerhead perc, the internal recycling chamber continuously spins water and smoke for as long as you want to continue to pull.

No more worries about pulling too much water into the upper portion of the piece, or getting any splash back because of that bent neck! Thick glass with a reinforced 90° joint, this piece works well with concentrates, but you can pick up a flower bowl addon to use with dry herbs.

  • Stands at about 8 inches tall
  • Free Quartz Banger included - Great Value
  • Thick Based (won't tip over easily)
  • Internal recycling function (smooth airflow)

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