Turbine Cyclone Perc Water Pipe - Smokenado - 10.5"

by Smoke Cartel

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SMOKENADO-FBL Female / Blue × Temporarily Out of Stock
SMOKENADO-FCL Female / Clear × Temporarily Out of Stock
SMOKENADO-FGR Female / Green × Temporarily Out of Stock
SMOKENADO-FAM Female / Amber × Temporarily Out of Stock
Watch out— Smokenado warning is in effect!

Smoke Cartel is the proud inventor of this wild water pipe. It is lovingly dubbed the "Smokenado" because the body shape and small turbine perc create a spinning vortex in the top chamber that looks like a twister you wouldn't mind being around. Because the turbine spins the water and smoke so intensely, this piece has a very strong pull and crazy good percolation. If you're looking for a conversation starter, this piece is for you!

Available in multiple colors and two joint genders. Bongs with a female joint have a bent neck, while the pipes with an 18.8mm male joint have a straight neck and ship with a dome and nail.

Fan of the turbine perc? But have you hit a tube with turbine and honeycomb percs?

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