UPC Thick Glass Straight Tube Bong with Showerhead Perc - Available with Multiple Percs

by UPC

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GTCG-S1 One Perc × Temporarily Out of Stock
GTCG-S2 Two Perc × Temporarily Out of Stock
GTCG-S3 Three Perc × Temporarily Out of Stock

Showerhead Perc Bongs

This 14" UPC Thick Glass Straight Tube Showerhead Bong features super thick 5mm glass; either one, two or three showerhead percs; a removable 18-to-14mm diffuser down stem with ground joint; 3-pinch ice catch; fat can base and rolled top straight tube mouthpiece. Matching glass round herb slide inlcuded. A permanent baked UPC logo adorns the neck. Made in the USA.

Bong Add Ons

Customize your bong with an herb slide upgrade or awesome ash catcher! Want to convert it to a dank dab rig? Check out cool bangers, nails, carb caps, reclaimers and other dab gear! And don't forget awesome tools like lighters, herb grinders, and even cool travel gear to transport the party!

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