The "Honey Tree" Double Turbine Perc to Double Tree Perc Water Pipe

by Smoke Cartel

Temporarily Out of Stock
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GB238-PILLAR Straight Neck / Straight Tube × Temporarily Out of Stock
GB237-FLAT Bent Neck / Straight Tube × Temporarily Out of Stock
GB237-BEAK Bent Neck / Beaker Base × Temporarily Out of Stock

What's better than two turbine percs? Two turbine percs and two tree percs!

The "Honey Tree" bong is a functional glass daily driver. Sleek and splendid, at this price, this pipe is a deal.


The "Honey Tree" towers at 14 inches tall, and features two turbine perc discs which break up smoke into fine bubbles, sending it up for further filtrations to an multi-armed tree perc for the smoothest hits around. 

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