Wig Wag 18.8mm Female Vapor Dome with Ground Joint and Handle

by Smoke Cartel

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SKU Variant Stock
GHD-1 Rainbow ✓ In Stock
GHD-2 Yellow, Green, Red, and Purple ✓ In Stock
GHD-3 Blue, Purple, Yellow, and White ✓ In Stock

Slap some wig wag on your water pipe.

If you're looking for a subtle but colorful splash of fun to add to your water pipe, look no further than this wig wag worked glass vapor dome.  This dome suits all male 18.8mm water pipes, and with its ground joint and handle you'll find it convenient and sturdy.  Vapor domes aid concentrate use by directing airflow from the nail to the main chamber of the piece, and strengthen potency and flavor.  Add this dome to your concentrate setup and you'll reap the benefits of a vapor dome with a unique and colorful style all your own.

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